Our main objectives:

Digestive, inflammatory and motor deseases


Neurodevelopmental, Neurodegenerative and Neurotraumatic Pathologies


Digestive Cancers


Diagnostic and therapeutic targets in gut and brain pathologies


TENS research projects fit into one or all of the following three objectives:

1. To understand the mechanisms of regulation of the digestive functions by the ENS (Enteric Nervous System), and in

    particular of the UNGE (Neuro-Glio-Epithelial Unit), during the life (post-natal period - aging)

2. a.To Develop innovative imaging tools (confocal, OCT) to characterize the alterations of UNGE

    b. Identify the factors responsible for these alterations and their consequences on digestive or CNS dysfunctions in  

    pathologies of interest 

3. Identify therapeutic factors aimed at restoring the functions of UNGE, digestive and / or CNS (Central Nervous

   System) in these pathologies. This last axis uses approaches of neurostimulation and nutritional targeting

   (polyunsaturated fatty acids, short chain fatty acids, prebiotics and probiotics, ...).


These objectives are achieved through the development of methodological approaches combining mechanistic approaches on primary cells of SNE (neurons or glia) or organoids through animal models (small and large animal) and including research on biocollections of human tissues. The integration of the UMR within the SFR Bonamy allows us to benefit from all the technical platforms (MicroPICell, flow cytometry, small animals and large animals, iPSC platform). On the other hand, UMR TENS is a founding UMR of the PF Therassay exploring the digestive and central functions of the University of Nantes.