Innovative imaging



The TENS laboratory offers many tools to visualize the integrity of the intestinal barrier, either in vivo with the use of a CellVisio confocal endomicroscope adapted for small animals, or ex vivo with the help of an optical coherence tomograph or FFOCT. The latter has a unique feature allowing the identification of the dynamic activity of cellular constituents (D-FFOCT).  The axioZoom with its apotome module is a wide field fluorescence microscope capable of making optical sections on thick tissue. Moreover, in vitro, we are able to follow in real time the fate of cells with the InCell fluorescence microscope.


Coron E.JPG
Coron E image.JPG
Brejeon J.JPG
Brejeon J image.JPG

Full Field Optical Coherence Tomography (FFOCT)

queneherve L.JPG
queneherve L image.JPG

AxioZoom avec module Apotome

Cisse m.JPG
Cisse m image.JPG


pabois J.JPG