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The platform’s goals are to provide our biologists with bioinformatic and biostatitical tools adated to their needs.

The platform supports laboratory members in the development of projects involving high-throughput sequencing data and supports the associated data analysis, internally, via the development of dedicated bioinformatics pipelines, or through collaborations.

Our laboratory’s team relies on the computing infrastructure of the regional platform, BiRD


  • Analysis and integration of NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) sequencing data

  • Pipeline developement

  • Student supervision / formation

  • Scientific watch

  • Collaborations


  • Metagenomic analysis : 16S et WGS

  • Transcriptomic analysis:

    • Bulk RNAseq

    • Single Cell RNAseq

  • Multi-Omic approaches


Single cell RNA seq

While bulk RNAseq provides a general gene expression profile of a tissue/cell population, single cell RNAseq sequencing allows the study of the transcriptome at the single cell level.

This approach makes it possible to study the cell populations present within a sample and:

– identify rare or even unknown cell types/states,

– elucidate changes in gene expression over time and/or during cellular processes,

– identify the genes differentially expressed accross different cell types/experimental conditions,

– ...

Single cell RNA seq.png

Multi-Omics approaches:




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