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Biocollection - Animal Models



The TENS laboratory has developed numerous rodent animal models (rat, mouse) related to various digestive pathologies and has a few genetically modified mouse lines. The animals are housed in the Plateaux Expérimentaux en Santé (PES) of the SFR Bonamy; in compliance with the animal regulations in force.

Models of digestive pathology:

- Stress-related model (WAS = Water Avoidance Stress)
- Acute or chronic colitis with DSS
- Carcinogenesis (AOM ± DSS)
- Surgical model of post-operative ileus
- Humanized" model of autism via fecal microbiota transplantation
- Medullary lesion in mice with study of digestive functional consequences and bladder modifications


On all these models, we perform digestive functional explorations, behavioral studies and organoid production.


Mibiogate + PdL 2018.png


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