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During development, the postnatal period is a key developmental window for maturation of the digestive tract: strengthening of the intestinal epithelial barrier, establishment of gut motility, microbiota colonization and maturation of the enteric nervous system (ENS). Our research projects focus on (1) the mechanisms involved in ENS maturation, (2) ENS dysfunctions in neurodevelopmental disorders and (3) microbiota-derived approaches for gut disorders.


  1. Mechanisms involved in ENS maturation

We study the role of semaphorines (Sema), a class of developmental molecules for which several members harbour mutations associated with Hirschsprung disease and Autisme Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Neurodeveloppmental diseases


The maturation of the enteric nervous system and neurodeveloppemental disorders

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Maturation of the enteric neuronal network: neuronal cell bodies progressively aggregate in ganglia (red) and the axons group together as interganglionic fibers (green).

The maturation of the neuronal connectivity is revealed by the presence of synapses.

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The role of sema3A and 5A on neuronal connectivity is studied on and models. We found that Sema3A reduces axonal extensions and the size of synapses.

2. Role of microbiota on gut, ENS and brain functions in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

There is a strong association between ASD symptoms and gut disorders (gastro-intestinal symptoms, modifications of the intestinal permeability, changes in gut microbiota composition), suggesting that common mechanisms could underlie behavioral and digestive symptoms. We study the ability of gut microbiota from humans to transfer in mice gastrointestinal disorders, ENS remodeling and behavioral symptoms. The transfer of human gut microbiota on ENS culture models provides insights into the involved mechanisms.

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3. Targeting the gut and ENS during the postnatal period : role of the gut microbiota.

The gut microbiota is a key actor in gut development and function. We study the role of specific bacterial strain and microbiota-derived metabolites/compounds on the development of gut functions during the postnatal period. These data are then translated to the clinic to treat patients. (e.g. Neotrans Study).

Researchers / Clinicians

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Hélène Boudin

+33 2 40 41 29 30

Sophie Talon.jpg

Sophie Talon

+33 2 40 41 90 80

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Michel Neunlist
+33 2 40 41 28 44


Catherine Leberre-Scoul.jpg

Catherine Leberre Scoul

+33 2 40 41 29 50


Morgane Le Dréan.jpg

Morgane Le Dréan

+33 2 40 41 11 07

Baptiste Ganachaud.jpg

Baptiste Ganachaud

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Maeva Rebion.jpg




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Book chapters

Marchix J, Aymeric L, Berthelot L, Boudin H et Neunlist M (2021) "Microbiote intestinal et régulation de l'axe intestin-cerveau" dans l'ouvrage MICROBIOTE INTESTINAL ET SANTE HUMAINE. Edition Elsevier Masson.

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