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Inflammatory bowel diseases


Assessment of ENS lipidomic remodeling in IBD and consequent therapeutic uses

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Graphical Abstract

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BD pathogenesis involves aberrant immune responses associated with changes in microbiota composition as well as alterations of the intestinal epithelial barrier (Xavier and Podolsky, 2007). IEB increased permeability has been described as an early feature of IBD, has been observed in non-inflamed segments of the gut and precedes the onset and relapses of CD (Arnott et al., 2000; Irvine and Marshall, 2000). Our previous research contributed to identify the ENS as a key contributor to IEB dysfunctions in IBD. Indeed, we showed that neurons as well as enteric glial cells (EGC) are altered in CD patients (Pochard et al., 2018; Prigent et al., 2020; Prigent et al., 2019). In particular, we showed that EGC produce lower concentrations of various n-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) derivatives (11PGF2, PGE2 or the PGI2)(Coquenlorge et al., 2016; Pochard et al., 2016) leading to a loss of control of IEB permeability and healing through AMPK dependent pathways (Coquenlorge et al., 2016; Pochard et al., 2016). Furthermore, we showed that in vivo supplementation with PGI2 can prevent colitis and improve IEB permeability (Pochard et al, in revision). Interestingly, it has recently been described that certain proteo- and cyanobacteria can modulate the metabolism of n-6 PUFA in the host by (i) by secreting enzymes involved in the metabolism of PUFA (eg lipoxygenases) or (ii) modulating the host lipid metabolism of the IEB (Morello et al., 2019). Therefore, our aim is to 1) to assess whether CD ENS remodelling affecting the production of n-6 PUFA derivatives is involved in IEB dysfunctions and colitis and 2) to develop new therapeutic strategies to strengthen the IEB.

Researchers / Clinicians

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Malvyne Rolli-Derkinderen

+33 2 40 41 29 74

Arnaud Bourreille
+33 2 40 08 31 52

Mathurin Flamant
+33 2 40 08 31 52

Guillaume Meurette


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Tony Durand

+33 2 40 41 29 50


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Marine Mantel

+33 2 40 41 11 07

Farouk Drissi.jpg

Farouk Drissi

+33 2 40 41 11 07


B. Viollet, Cochin, Fr

N. Cenac, Inserm 1220 Fr

M. Bodinier, Inrae BIA, Fr

J. Gwenal, Inrae STLO, Fr

M. Metzger, Ger




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