The U1235 unit welcomes every year many trainees mainly from the training "Biology-Health" of Nantes (License 3 / BCPA course, Master1-BS, Master2 / BBRT course and SANH), but also training in "Human Health" in other universities (Poitiers, Strasbourg, Paris-Diderot, etc.).

MASTER of the University of Nantes

The teacher-researchers are responsible for and / or participate in the theoretical courses (lectures and tutorials) and practices of Pharmacology, Neurophysiology and Physiopathology of the License "Science of Life" and Master 1 "Biological Sciences".

In the Master 2 "Biology, Biotechnologies and Therapeutic Research" of Nantes, unit U1235 is at the initiative of a thematic course entitled "Neurodigestive and metabolic physiopathologies". In this course as in that of "Human Health" backed by the Master 2 "Food Science and Human Nutrition" of Nantes, the researchers and doctors of our unit are leading several workshops / conferences.

DOCTORATES at the University of Nantes

Finally, our unit participates in the training of many doctoral students in the field of Neurogastroenterology; it is attached to the doctoral school "Biology-Health" of Nantes-Angers.

What do the former students of UMR TENS tell us !!!

Maxime Mahé


After spending 6 years in the United States at Cincinnati Children's Hospital in Cincinnati, OH, I was recruited by Inserm as a researcher. This position allowed me to integrate the UMR Inserm 1235 in Nantes. The research themes that I develop around organoids are synergized with the dynamic and innovative environment created by TENS around the study of the enteric and digestive nervous system and associated pathologies. I am excited about participating in TENS projects such as MiBioGate (Website) and local and regional programs such as BioRegate

Tiphaine Vanhaecke

R&D Scientist - Danone Research

I did my doctoral thesis in digestive physiology and nutrition at UMR Inserm 1235 TENS as part of an industrial research training agreement (CIFRE). My research project aimed to evaluate the ability of nutritional factors derived from milk to modulate the development and maturation of digestive and intestinal-brain axis functions during the postnatal period. In this context, I developed a rodent research project associating in vivo, ex vivo and in vitro approaches to cell, molecular and imaging biology techniques. These three years spent in the UMR TENS have given me a solid knowledge of physiology and a transversal vision of the conduct of research projects, essential in my current research activities.

Julien Chevalier

Research Assistant – Nestlé Research Center

I worked for 13 years in the UMR Inserm 1235 TENS as a research engineer. During these years, I contributed to the development and the implementation of several tools and methods in vivo and ex-vivo (primary culture model of ENS, functional exploration ...) allowing the study of the Neuro Glio Unit. Epithelial in the context of numerous academic research projects or in collaboration with industry (pharmaceutical, agri-food ...). The theme of research has been very dynamic because of the growing interest in what is now called the second brain and its regulation by its own nervous system. My experience and my expertise acquired within TENS currently allow me to carry out my research projects in the industrial field.

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