Axis 4

Diagnostic and therapeutic targets in chronic digestive and brain pathologies

This line of research is transversal to all three previous axes. It aims to develop innovative imaging tools, especially endoscopic, to characterize the lesions of UNGE during digestive diseases and the brain. Its goal is to identify new diagnostic biomarkers predictive of disease progression or response to treatment. In addition, this axis also aims to develop and validate new therapeutic and preventive approaches targeting UNGE disorders in pathologies of interest. These approaches are based on the one hand on the use of neurostimulation methods (stimulation of sacred roots in inflammatory diseases). On the other hand, we are also developing research focused on the use of nutritional compounds (short chain fatty acids, lipid mediators, probiotics) or pharmacological compounds. This last line is developed in close collaboration with all the clinical services (Gastroenterology-Nutrition-Digestive Surgery) and research (CIC-IMAD, UMR Phan) of IMAD.

Research issues

Development of UNGE diagnostic imaging methods

Team's members:


  • Emmanuel Coron,

  • Lucille Quenehervé

  • Jeremy Brégeon,

  • Arnaud Bourreille,

  • Michel Neunlist,


Team's members:


  • Guillaume Meurette

  • Michel Neunlist.

  • Aurélien Vénara