Axis 2

Neurodevelopmental pathologies,

neurodegenerative et neurotraumatic 

This line of research aims to better characterize the role of ENS in diseases of the central nervous system that are neurodegenerative, neurodevelopmental or acquired following trauma (spinal cord injury). This work develops on the basis of our initial work, which revealed the existence of lesions in the ENS mirror to those observed in the brain during Parkinson's disease. They aim to better understand the nature of these lesions to better understand the mechanisms responsible for digestive disorders in these pathologies, to identify biomarkers predictive of disease progression or response to treatment.

Research issues

Implication of ENS in Parkinson's disease

Team's members:


  • Pascal Derkinderen

  • Moustapha Cissé

  • Michel Neunlist,

  • Arnaud Boureille.

Implication of ENS in Intestine / brain neurodevelopmental diseases

Team's members:


  • Hélène Boudin,

  • Maxime Mahé,

  • Sophie Talon,

  • Michel Neulist.

Involvement of ENS in neurotraumatic pathologies

Team's members:

  • Michel Neunlist,

  • Brigitte Perrouin-Verbe