Digestive, Inflammatory and motor diseases

Axis 1

The projects developed aim to characterize the remodeling of neurons and enteric glial cells during digestive inflammatory pathologies (Crohn's disease, hemorrhagic rectocolitis) in order to identify new mechanisms and therapeutic targets in these pathologies. One area of ​​research aims to clarify the role of ENS in the dysfunctions of the intestinal barrier and in particular, the role of lipid mediators in these effects. Another axis aims to characterize the interactions between the ENS and the intestinal immune system during IBD. A final axis is dedicated to the study of the remodeling of UNGE during motor diseases of the newborn (Hirschsprung's disease), the adult (irritable bowel syndrome) or during post-ileus ileus. procedure. The implication in these effects of stress mediators (corticosteroid-catecholamines) is more specifically studied.

Research issues

Remodeling and role of ENS in intestinal barrier dysfunction during IBD

Team's members:


  • Malvynne Rolli-Derkinderen,

  • Arnaud Bourreille,

  • Mathurin Flamant,

  • Guillaume Meurette.

Interactions between ENS and intestinal immune system during IBD

Team's members:


  • Philippe Naveilhan,

  • Isabelle Neveu,

  • Mathurin Flamant,

  • Arnaud Bourreille.

Remodeling of UNGE (Neuro-Glio-Epithelial Unit) in motor pathologies (stress, postoperative ileus)

Team's members:

  • Michel Neunlist,

  • Damien Masson,

  • Emmanuel Coron,

  • Stanislas Bruley des Varannes,

  • Kalyane Bach-Ngohou,

  • Aurélien Vénara.